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Math Flash Cards 3.5

It is a game-like app which helps children practice basic math operations
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Math Flash Cards is a game-like application which helps children practice basic math operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The main idea of the program is that repetition is the key-action when it comes to consolidate math facts.

The interface is simple and contains brief instructions on how to play. First of all, kids should decide upon one of the four operations to enhance. Then, they have the option to select the range of numbers involved in calculations. A simple click in the right box is sufficient to select the operation containing the desired numbers. Then, the application runs as any other game. There is a spacecraft that you lead, using the arrows to prevent from crashing into other space objects or being hit by other flying ships. You can destroy them by selecting the correct answer to the math operation available on the screen. So, the right answer is "the firing button".

I personally didn't like the game. It is true that repetition is the main action to enhance skills, but when this implies repeating the same task over and over again, without reaching to a cheered end, the interest is lost. More than that, the interface doesn't change as you go to the next level. I consider that a modification of the displayed items, no matter how small, would encourage kids to find what's next.

Amelia Wagner
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  • Kids enhance their math mental abilities, in a game-like application


  • Repeating the same operations over and over again may lose children's interest
  • The "action" is not varied; it is rather monotonous, without any display changes when going to the next level
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